“On behalf of a grateful nation please accept this flag as a symbol of appreciation for your loved one’s faithful service

The primary focus of Save Our Servicemembers (SOS) is on the newest service members just starting their military career. However, SOS also recognizes that “non-combat” related military medical malpractice and negligent leadership decisions affect all those in uniform. As an organization, we advocate for ALL service members and their families who have been negatively affected by military medical malpractice and or negligent military leadership decisions which have resulted in serious injury and or death.

We seek accountability at all levels of military leadership, especially from those who have been carefully selected and entrusted to lead our young men and women through the start of their military career. From the time they meet with their recruiter to entering Basic Training and to their first Specialty Training School; leadership decisions are being made and are resulting in tragic, non-combat related training injuries and deaths which are unacceptable.

The simple fact that convicted murders, rapists and child molesters in our Federal and State prison systems have more constitutional rights and better access to medical care than our active duty service members is incredibly wrong.

If you or your service member suffered from military medical malpractice, negligent leadership decisions which led to a service member’s serious injury and or death, please contact us for more information.


SOS is here to provide a voice for change, to better our military for the sake of our future Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Guardians. Our children and our loved ones deserve the best from a grateful nation.


Our community of family members, veterans and volunteers are committed to ensuring that no future service member will ever suffer needlessly due to military medical malpractice or negligent military leadership decisions.


In the summer of 2020, Save Our Servicemembers (SOS) was founded by a group of Gold Star and military families with a loved one who either died or was seriously injured at the start of their military career.


  • Bring awareness and to challenge the “best kept open military secret” in the United States of America, The Feres Doctrine, with very limited exceptions, makes any service member from 1950 to present unable to sue the Federal Government for any reason.
  • Demand military oversight into the deaths or serious injuries of service members. 
  • Hold military leadership accountable at all levels for the death or serious injury of a service member.  
  • Ensure every service member has the same constitutional rights afforded to every person in America by equally protecting our service members from military medical malpractice and failed negligent leadership decisions. 

We need to expand (Feres Doctrine reform) to deal with gross negligence in situations like this … There is a hefty price tag that comes with it of course, but the lives that are lost are real lives.

Representative Jackie Speier CA (D) House Armed Services Committee, Military Personnel (Chair), May 3, 2021

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