Fallen Servicemembers

Below are the names of service members who volunteered to serve our country and were either seriously injured or died at the beginning of their military careers.  This list represents all branches of the United States Military, from the time they are interacting with a military recruiter, to recruit training/officer training, to their first military school, and beyond.

Each one of these service members has a story and each one deserves to be heard.  For more information, please contact us.  

2017 KC-130T Plane Crash

16 Listings
Sixteen fatalities, 15 Marines and a Navy Corpsman 10 July 2017 crash was the result of mechanical failure of a badly corroded propeller blade

2015 Sikorsky Blackhawk Helicopter crash

11 Listings
Eleven fatalities, crash during special operations training flight, evidence suggests pilots became disoriented in dark conditions shortly after takeoff. Crew may have ignored orders not to fly that night due to poor weather. Blackhawk crashed into Santa Rosa Sound near Destin, FL

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