Partners and Sponsors

Save Our Servicemembers engages in affinity partnerships and sponsorships with organizations which align with our cause if we believe that it will benefit our community.


We have formed affinity partnerships with the following organizations, and would like to share their offers with our community.



Stars and Stripes publishes news of interest to the U.S. military community. It is an independent news organization which is part of the Pentagon’s Defense Media Activity.


50% off an annual subscription using discount code SOS50.

We have agreements with our affinity partners and sponsors to cross-promote eachother to our audiences. We choose partners by carefully selecting only those which we believe may be relevant and beneficial to our community. We would like to assure our members that we do not transfer or share any information about our members with partners and sponsors. 

If you are an organization or brand which would like to inquire about a partnership or sponsorship, please contact us.


(805) 207-8198 or
(805) 530-5899

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