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Save Our Servicemembers (SOS) was founded by a group of Gold Star and military families with a loved one who either died or was seriously injured at the start of their military career.  

In the summer of 2020, with so many unanswered questions and multiple obstacles, the grieving families decided to come together and push for the true accountability at the highest levels of the US Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, the military has always been guarded and most details leading up to tragic events are rarely ever disclosed. In most cases, we discovered the investigations were conducted by the same military command in question.

From our collective experiences, the investigations are extremely basic, narrow in scope and poorly conducted by inexperienced military investigators who claim to be overworked and fail to follow- up on key witness statements.   

Many of the military reports released to the families are nearly impossible to read, heavily redacted, missing pages and poorly printed, making it difficult to comprehend or follow the sequence of events. For most grieving families, getting to the truth has proven to be an overwhelming and impossible task.

No one is an expert in requesting information from the military, let alone knowing what to ask for. There are no guide books to help grieving families navigate through all the military red tape, let alone the shocking reality of how quickly the military begins to close ranks to protect themselves.  

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