HicksStrong Inc.

​Macoy Austin Daniel Hicks born July 12th, 1998 served in the US Navy from February 2017 – February 11th 2019. Macoys first station was Washington, DC as a Ceremonial Guardsman. He honorably participated in 6-8 funerals a day. Following that station he was assigned to the USS Nimitz in Bremerton, WA.

Macoy lost his battle with PTSD and a TBI and subsequently died by suicide.

HicksStrong’s mission is to save military lives.

HicksStrong Inc. aims to do this by linking veteran & active duty service members with confidential mental health therapists via telehealth and we cover up to 24 sessions.

Macoy Hicks

“We can’t do it alone, but together we can.”

-Jolee Hicks, Mother of ABHAN Macoy Hicks, Co-Founder of HicksStrong Inc.

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