Glenni Wilsey

Army Recruiting Command Headquarters Fort Knox, Kentucky
Glenni Wilsey
Date of Birth: 11/30/1990
Date of Death: 3/3/11
From: Vermilion, Ohio
Death Location: Army Recruiting Command Headquarters Fort Knox, Kentucky

Cause of Death: Extreme dieting (lost 60lbs), Acute Cardiac Dysrhythmia (electrolyte imbalance). Army Recruiters coached recruit on diet including purging(self-induced vomiting).

An Ohio coroner says a man who lost about 85 pounds in less than four months to join the Army has died of diet-related causes.

The mother of 20-year-old Glenni “Glenn” Wilsey V, of Vermilion in northeast Ohio, blames diet coaching by Army recruiters.

Wilsey had weighed 280 pounds before the diet. The diet, begun before he talked to recruiters in December, left him 7 pounds short of his goal.

The Army says it is investigating and can’t comment on whether recruiters coached the dieting.


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