Paul Clarence Noetzelmann

Medicine Bow, Wyoming, United States
Paul Clarence Noetzelmann
Date of Birth: 06/22/1937
Date of Death: 10/06/1955
From: North Platte, Nebraska
Death Location: Medicine Bow Peak, near Laramie, Wyoming

Find A Grave

Find A Grave – Flight 409 Memorial

Boarded at Omaha. Destination Oakland, Calif. Home: Lewellan, Nebraska.

Paul Clarence Noetzelmann
June 22,1937-Oct 6,1955

4 Huron, Alpena Men Among Crash Dead

Enroute to a California base, were 17 Air Force inductees listed as missing and presumed killed in the crash. Four South Dakota men, Ronald E. Albright of Huron, SD, Robert E. Bechtold of Alpena, SD., Richard D Cook of Huron, SD. Raymond L. Engelhart of Huron, SD. Other midwest victims; Daniel H. Alexander, Omaha, NE., ARONLD H BOGGS, Lewellen, NE., William H Ettleman, Council Bluffs, IA., Russel L Kugler, Sargent, NE., Richard A Lawhead, North Platte, NE., Lawrence Monk, MI., PAUL C NOETZELMANN, Lewellen, NE., Capt. George Parker Hill, UT., Eugene Reynolds, MI and Herbert B Williams, Gothenburg. NE. Stormy Weather Believed To Have Buffeted Plane 20 Miles Off Course; Two Children Among 65 Victims.

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