Timothy Ashcraft

Fort Jackson, South Carolina, United States
Timothy Ashcraft
Date of Birth: 3/22/1999
Date of Death: 10/6/2017
From: Middletown, Ohio
Death Location: Fort Jackson, South Carolina, United States

Cause of Death: Military Automobile Accident – Drill Instructor collision while marching caused by drill sergeant

“In October 2017, Pvts. Ashcraft and Shrader were marching along a road with other recruits, preparing for a fitness test. Behind them, a drill sergeant was driving a large pickup truck that hauled drinking water.

The drill sergeant had worked a late shift the night before and had gotten less sleep than most there. He nodded off, and his foot hit the gas pedal. The 12,000-pound truck and trailer plowed through the group, pinning Ashcraft and Shrader under its tires and injuring seven others.

A month after leaving their families for careers in the military, Ashcraft and Shrader were dead.” – Article 1


Article 1

Article 2

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